Toilets 4 Life

Riverside East Rotary is proud to host Global Grant #1985875, a project to construct septic toilets and to bring sanitation and clean water to the Bugiri District of Uganada.  This project will bring clean water and sanitation to thousands of people and make a lasting difference.  We are actively raising funds for this project and need your help!

Why Toilets 4 Life

The Bugiri District is located in southeastern Uganda and is plagued by poor water and sanitation coverage.  The urban area of the district has a population of 45,650 residents, and over 76% of the them lack access to safe water, toilets, and sewage systems.  This absence of proper facilities has led to a proliferation of pit latrines and is causing sewage to make its way into local water sources.  The hospitals, schools, and other public places in the region responsible for serving both the direct and the surrounding populations are not able to provide safe and sanitary conditions.  Homes and businesses are forced to use dirty latrine blocks which present clear health hazards.  And to compound matters, soil conditions include shallow subsoil and underlying hard rock making construction of safe latrines more difficult.

The Toilets 4 Life project will bring a sustainable system of waste disposal and water use management to the district.  Septic toilets will be installed and trucks will be used to pick up waste and bring it to locations where it can be properly disposed.  Local stakeholders will be trained, and a plan for ongoing community participation will be implemented.

Lack of access to clean water and sanitation causes a wide array of illnesses, danger to maternal health, developmental impairment in children, and implications for gender equality.  Few projects can provide as meaningful and lasting a difference to the local population as providing sanitation and clean water.  Learn more about the Toilets 4 Life Project at the links below.

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